Monday, June 05, 2006

Stand Back: The UC Irvine NewU Editor-In-Chief has Blown a Gasket!

Today (June 5, 2006), I picked up the dead-tree edition of the UC Irvine campus newspaper, New University, and thumbed through to see if there were any final developments regarding the hateful environment on campus. Today's issue is the last for the entire school year; the next time the NewU is printed, it will be the beginning of the Fall 2006 quarter.

Page 13 offered a weird glimpse into the mind of Allan Taing, the outgoing Editor-In-Chief, in an op-ed titled "EIC to UCI: So Long, Suckers!":

The addresses given by the guest speaker and student speaker are meant to inspire those in attendance. In my opinion, however, these speeches give a misleading impression to listeners.

I graduate with a bitter taste in my mouth. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved with the New University over the last three years and as such, I can say I know quite a lot about this campus. I will use my last opportunity as editor-in-chief of the paper to tell you what UC Irvine is really all about, what I hate and love. And this rant won’t be sugar-coated like the speeches you’ll hear next week.

I hate how Jewish and Muslim students hate each other at UCI.

Both groups abuse the free-speech policies at UCI to throw insults at each other, and then play victim when the other side does the same. If smart, educated young Jews and Muslims in a random small suburban university can’t get along, how can we expect those living in the Middle East to ever do so?

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Reut Cohen said...

Its so frustrating the way people assume they are experts on Jewish-Muslim relations... I read Allan's article and found it hilarious... It was only two weeks ago that I approached him about my Yossi Olmert article and the error inserted during editing. I was told that the editors aren't well-versed in mid-east politics.

I suppose Allan is entitled to publish as much crap as he wants in the Opinion section...