Friday, July 28, 2006

Chazak Amenu: Judaism's "We Are The World"

I recently stumbled across the song Chazak Amenu while looking around the web for podcasts.

It's from the two CD set "Voices for Israel", which according to the website:

VOICES FOR ISRAEL: CHAZAK AMENU is the most ambitious Jewish Music project ever undertaken, bringing together over 50 Jewish Music stars from throughout the broader Jewish community, joining their voices for Israel.

The objective of VOICES FOR ISRAEL is to express support for, and solidarity with, the people of Israel during these trying times, and to promote a global sense of Jewish unity and community.

And there is no more inspiring way to convey our innermost hopes, feelings, and prayers than through song.

The Chazak Amenu MP3


Sheet Music

If you like this video, please buy the CD Disclaimer: I have no monetary or other arrangements with these folks - I'm simply spreading the word because this music touched me.

G-d willing, we will bring these folks to UCI for a concert.

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