Monday, September 25, 2006

Vice Chancellor Gomez appointed to University Diversity Study Group

A friend reminded me that Vice Chancellor Gomez doesn't believe that UCI is required to protect Jewish students from harassment and intimidation under Title VI. Isn't it ironic then that he's now on a study group on university diversity?

Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006
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University of California Board of Regents Chairman Gerald L. Parsky and UC Provost and Executive Vice President Rory Hume will co-chair UC's Study Group on University Diversity and have appointed 18 members to the study group.

The members are:

  • Regents Joanne C. Kozberg (study group vice chair), Eddie Island, Maria C. Ledesma, John J. Moores and Frederick Ruiz

  • Regent-designate Eleanor V. Brewer

  • Faculty Representatives John B. Oakley and Michael T. Brown

  • Chancellors Robert J. Birgeneau (UC Berkeley), France A. Córdova (UC Riverside) and Henry T.Yang (UC Santa Barbara), and Acting Chancellor George Blumenthal (UC Santa Cruz)

  • Executive Vice President for University Affairs Bruce B. Darling

  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Manuel N. Gomez (UC Irvine)

  • Former Faculty Representative Lawrence Pitts

  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Judy Sakaki (UC Davis)

  • UC Student Association President Bill Shiebler

  • Former regent and past-president of the UCLA Alumni Association Peter Taylor

The appointment of the study group comes after the Board of Regents agreed at their July 19 meeting to sponsor a study of the current status of the University of California's efforts to continue to increase diversity and foster a climate of inclusiveness.

The Study Group on University Diversity has been charged with the following objectives:

  • Review and report on recent trends with respect to diversity within UC's undergraduate, graduate and faculty populations;

  • Survey campus climate on diversity and inclusion;

  • Study the interactions among undergraduate, graduate and faculty diversity and campus climate;

  • Identify "best practices" in student preparation, recruitment, and admissions; faculty hiring and retention; and efforts to create a welcoming and inclusive campus climate; and

  • Recommend actions that the university and its individual campuses can take, respecting federal and state laws, to increase diversity and inclusiveness at UC.

The study group objectives and scope will be discussed in greater detail at the regents' upcoming meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 20.

For more information about diversity at UC:

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