Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Iranian Holocaust Denier's Conference YouTube Videos

I think this SHOULD be my last catching-up post.

First, a little poem to David Duke (courtesy of a friend):

David Duke Hater of Jews
Went to Iran and made the News
His rants and rave about the numbers
of Jews murdered by gases or in their slumber

He credits his buddy, good old Norman the Fink
who hate the Jews as much as you think
While getting paid two hundred bucks a speech
making money on the Holocaust, my what a leech

He blames Elie Wiesel, Abe Foxman and Marvin
for making up stories about people starvin'
he says they are fake and only tell lies
Whilst forgetting that over 6 million have died

He kisses the Pali's, the Mufti's and the traitors
while living the life as a celebrated hater
He waxes poetic about his degrees
While never making more than his two hundred dollar fees

I hope there is a place in hell for this capo
who G-D willing, we can put to a stopo
His lies and his hate only do more damage
than even a right winger like Michael Savage

I hope if there is a hot hell
that Norman my dear, will go there, I'd kvell!
He does not yet realize the damage he has done
to help the world hate the Jews, and then some.

David Duke interviewed by Wolf Blitzer - Hat Tip to the SCAMA Moderator

Jon Stewart's take on the Iranian Holocaust Denier's Conference

And if you want to hear what's supposedly David Duke's speech at the conference:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

What a shmuck.

By the way, I read a lot of posts on a daily basis; one newsletter to which I subscribe is the SCAMA (Southern California American Muslim Association?) Event Calendar. I don't always agree with the news articles that the newsletter's moderator's opinion, but this time he/she did the right thing by posting the following statement regarding the Iranian Holocaust Denier's Conference:
The Prophet Muhammad (S) stood for justice in all situations, and our history is replete with stories in which the Khulafaa sided with Jews to the detriment of Muslims. By this we should learn to deal with each legal issue independently and un-emotionally. How Holocaust denial has entered our psyche, and how Muslims defend it on the basis of freedom of speech, however, truly baffles my mind.

A lot of ideas have entered our world view while the intelligensia of Islam were asleep. We should take inventory, question such notions, and "clean house". We are, after all, tasked with standing up for and implementing justice on earth, and will be questioned about this One Day.

I pray that our representatives in the Shura Council, CAIR, and ISNA make appropriate statements in this regard.

The SCAMA Moderator

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