Saturday, April 28, 2007

Former President Jimmy Carter coming to UCI May 3rd

A friend of mine tipped me off to this and gave me the following questions that he/she already submitted for filtering by the administration. Feel free to post these same questions, just please do not cite the Concerned UCI Student.

UCI's announcement of Carter's visit on May 3rd

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If you do pose questions through the UCI website, please also email them to Reut Cohen; she is gathering the questions together for flyers as well as to generally get a sense of how many relevant questions are passed over by the UCI censors:

Dershowitz's latest article on Mr. Carter (referenced in question 1 below)


1) Mr. Carter, could you please explain reports that
you chose to keep a monetary reward in the name of
Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, even after Harvard
returned money from the same source because of its
anti-Semitic history?

2) Mr. Carter, the Muslim Student Union continues to
issue statements and bring in speakers which use
language that it characterizes as anti-Zionist and are
just critiques of Israeli policy.

This same language has been characterized by Jewish
students, faculty, and staff, as well as the US
Commission on Civil Rights, as anti-Semitic.

Could you please give some examples of language that
would go beyond being merely a civil criticism of
Israeli policy and Zionism, and would cross over the
line into anti-Semitism?

3) Mr. Carter, the Muslim Student Union on this campus
has invited speakers again and again who in their
speeches on this campus unequivocally support, cheer
on, and even call for violent indiscriminate attacks
against Jewish civilians - men, women, children, and
the elderly - who are targeted simply because they are

Events have been held by the Muslim Student Union to
memorialize the founders of a group which includes in
its covenant references from the anti-Semitic forgery
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as well as
selected quotes from Islamic scripture against Jews,
including one which talks about trees and rocks
calling out to Muslims to kill Jews - a quotation most
recently repeated by that same group's spokesperson
not three weeks ago on PA TV.

Mr. Carter, the same UC Irvine Muslim Student Union
has used quotations that have proven to be completely
falsified year after year after year as rallying
points for events - including their annual week-long
anti-Israel Week - most recently titled "Holocaust in
the Holy Land" - all in an attempt to incite hatred
not only against Jews in Israel, but also the Jewish
students, faculty, and staff at this university.
Please note that the knowing use of falsified
information both inside the classroom as well as
outside the classroom is grounds for discipline and
even dismissal from UC Irvine under campus rules and

In 2004, an anti-hate rally was held on campus where
all student organizations were invited to participate,
except Jewish organizations, which were explicitly
dis-invited. The dis-inivited organizations included
the non-political / non-religious Jewish fraternity
and Jewish sorority. The Vice Chancellor for Student
Affairs - with full knowledge of the explicit
dis-invite - still chose to speak at the anti-hate
rally and has yet to apologize publicly for it.

This past January, a video was published of UC Irvine
Muslim Student Union members calling for Israel to be
wiped off the map, and the leader of the group stating
his wish that he could use more than words, that he
wanted to use violence against Jewish students,
faculty, and staff. These calls were answered with
shouts of "Allu Akbar" which in English is "God is

Even after repeated requests year after year after
year to the university administration to have the
perpetrators of these acts of intimidation, bigotry,
and calls to violence to be prosecuted, to our
knowledge not one prosecution has happened. So far,
the university administration's only public moves have
been to hold inter-religious events, which on another
campus would have probably solved the problem, but the
case of our university, it has only encouraged the
Muslim Student Union and its partners to intensify its
attacks on Jewish students, faculty, and staff.

Mr. Carter, because of these Muslim Student Union
events and actions, as well as other incidents on
campus, this university has been under investigation
by the US Department of Education's Office for Civil
Rights for not appropriately protecting Jewish
students, faculty, and staff against this anti-Jewish

Mr. Carter, what should Jewish students, faculty, and
staff be doing in response to these acts of
anti-Jewish hatred and the university administration's
unwillingness to take effective action against it?


Poposhka said...

i applaud your enthusiasm, but i think jummuh is a lost cause. there's no way this question will be asked.. it will be stuff like

"how can we convince the jews to work for peace in the me?"

Concerned UCI Student said...

Pelkor: thank you for posting.

oh I know that these and similar questions will be filtered out by the censors at UCI. If you or anyone else has relevant questions for former President Carter, please post them to the questions link - who knows, maybe they'll pass on one accidentally :)

See the link I posted in the UPDATE to send those same questions to Reut Cohen, who is gathering all related questions together for flyers that will be handed out.

Rory Cohen said...

Fantastic questions. :)

Only one of our questions was asked. However, I believe that flyering was effective today. Our objective was not to convert the individuals who hate Israel. Our objective was to present a different side, the Israel side, for people who have little concept of the Israeli-Arab affair and Carter's book.

There was a little bit of heckling and jeering against those of us that were flyering. Also, there were a few anti-Semitic comments and threats, but what's new? This is UCI.