Friday, May 04, 2007

US Commission on Civil Rights wants to hear more about the anti-Semitism on college campuses

The anti-Semites who visit UCI and other college campuses say they're against "Zionists", "Zionism", "Israel", "the Apartheid State", but they're not against Judaism. Trust me, they're just using code words. The Jews (if you can call them that) of Neturei Karta who come at the MSU's invitation are just as guilty - they've embraced people who call for genocide and who deny the Holocaust. The goal of their speeches, articles, letters to the editor, and newspaper columns is to incite hatred and violence against Jews and real Judaism.

Those same speakers call for violence targeting Jews simply because they are Jews. They say they support groups like HAMAS and Hezbollah. There's a word for that: INTIMIDATION

From what I've heard, some professors on campus are no better - they're teaching blatantly biased courses, and if you speak up, you risk getting a bad grade. There's a word for that: COERCION

The situation for you, your fellow students, and those students who will come after you will not get better - and probably will get worse - unless people continue to take a stand against these attacks against our kind.

The US Commission on Civil Rights, who issued findings and recommendations a year ago, now has a new educational initiative regarding anti-Semitism on college campuses:

Click the link to find out:

  • HOW to recognize anti-Semitism,
  • THE PROTECTIONS and LEGAL OPTIONS you have available to you should you experience it,
  • HOW to file a complaint with the USCCR,
  • WHY you should file a complaint,
  • WHY students need to speak up.

Ken Marcus, the Chief of Staff at the USCCR, stated during his visit to UCI last week that if you see anti-Semitism at UCI or any other college campus, HE WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:

Toll free phone: 1-800-552-6843
TDD/TTY: 1-800-877-8339

If you have a camera on your cell phone or have a digital camera at the time, try to take a picture or film it. If you receive emails or messages on your Facebook / Myspace, etc., forward those messages.

Don't say "it's not worth reporting" or "it's nothing". It is worth reporting - anti-Semitism is not something to be ignored! It was ignored for far too long at UCI, and that only encouraged the anti-Semites to turn up the heat.

Don't let your friends or classmates downplay anti-Semitic incidents that happen to them. Tell them to speak up for their right to go to school without fear for themselves, and without attacks on their ethnic and religious background!

It is imperative that you report each and every incident that you experience.

The USCCR poster is right: Silence Is An Ally of Hate!

All It Takes For Evil To Succeed Is For Good People To Do Nothing - don't be one of those "good people".

All it takes is one call. One email.


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