Thursday, August 03, 2006

How to pick out an anti-Semite

A friend of mine turned me onto this one.

Stanley Crouch describes a simple test to see if someone is an overt anti-Semite:

My point is a simple one, which is that no amount of Jewish novelists, mass media entertainers, radio, television and film executives, public school and college teachers, broadcasters, investigative journalists and whatever else have changed the fundamental religious identity of the United States. What the worst Jews have done is whatever the worst of any other ethnic group have done - stolen, murdered, kidnapped and bilked. The essence of anti-Semitic bigotry is the same as any other bigotry in that the souls of the minority among Jews who are criminals are seen as emblematic and an explanation of behavior.

In the mind of the anti-Semite, those bad things were determined by the fact that the perpetrator is a Jew. Next case.

(note that this is one of many tests to see if someone is an anti-Semite - until I have a moment to put in a link, look through my blog's archives for discussions on the 3 D's)

Read the whole thing here

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