Sunday, August 13, 2006

UK Liquid Bomb Plotters May Have Recruited from Universities

According to the Sunday Telegraph:

Waheed Zaman, 22, a bio-chemistry student and the president of the Islamic Society at London Metropolitan University, was one of 24 people arrested last week. Material found at two portable buildings used by the society includes documents advocating jihad and a pamphlet on how to deal with approaches from the security services.

Oh, you mean materials from the UCI MSU's Alkalima magazine like:

  • this pamphlet with an article called "Why We Fight" which ends by stating "the freedom fighters will continue to fight until their land is liberated or until they are blessed with martyrdom"?
  • this pamphlet accusing Israel of genocide when in reality Israel does not deliberately target civilians and the "Palestinian" population has exploded (that's some genocide). Compare and contrast this to the Palestinian terrorist organizations who enshrine in their official documentation and media broadcasts that their sole goal is to push the Jews to the sea and to hunt down every single one of us (a.k.a. genocide) - it is these terrorist organizations which the MSU, SAS, and other UCI student organizations and faculty year after year praise without question.

These are only some of the most recent examples of attacks via the MSU Alkalima - that magainze has been publishing these attacks for years. There's also been attacks on Jews via the New Unversity newspaper, by their speakers, by their exhibits, and in some cases, violence itself.

I am not surprised that, as in our situation, someone in the UK has been bringing this to the attention of their universities' administrations and, as in our situation, they've been at best, ignored and at worst, punished for doing so:

Prof Anthony Glees, the director of Brunel University's centre for intelligence and security studies, criticised university authorities for ignoring the threat to national security in their midst. "Institutions have not sought to address the problem: they have instead sought to undermine those who have raised the issue," he told this newspaper.

I can only hope that the UK universities with complacent administrations are being sued out of existence for their inappropriate actions.

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