Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Academic Freedom" Discussion on Thursday

I just caught a glimpse on campus yesterday of a poster announcing a discussion on "Academic freedom and the future of campus discourse". It'll be on Thursday November 2nd from 2 to 4 pm in the Cross Cultural Center.

Given how the MSU continually flouts its annually signed agreement to uphold the UCI Principles of Community - which speak of Tolerance and Civility - someone should put the question to the discussion panel as why the university isn't punishing the MSU for there repeated violations of their oath.

Someone should also ask why Jewish students must be required to put up with continual verbal harassment (example: the MSU's unequivocal support for terrorist groups which deliberately target of Jewish civilians because of their ethnic background) in order to be a part of this campus community.


The Cross Cultural Center is building #103 in quadrant D5 on the UCI Campus Map.


I should point out that the description below as well as the descriptions on the poster I saw and any other online descriptions I've found of this event do not list the panel members. Kinda makes you wonder...are they leftists? Are they rightists? Are they litigators? Are they professors? Are they administrators?

If anybody finds the list of panel members prior to the event, please post it in a comment and I'll bring it to the forefront.

Link to event description

This panel will discuss the current state of academic freedom and explore several recent developments with the potential to redefine long-standing views within U.S. higher education. Issues that pertain to new legislation, enacted within the context of a post-9/11 world, has called into question many traditional notions of free expression and prompted reassessment of the limits to personal privacy and First Amendment guarantees. Several campuses have been forced to make difficult choices when striving to balance competing commitments to free expression and institutional security and safety. The panelists will explore these timely issues, highlight important policy considerations, and provide their insights and experiences.

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