Monday, October 16, 2006

NewU: Manuel N. Gomez: Reward for Vandalism Info

Hmmm...spray painted vulgarities and a swastika...

The Vice Chancellor doesn't specify the vulgarities - I'm wondering what the exact message was...


My sources tell me the message was "F*** VDC [Swastika] F*** VDC" - VDC being Vista Del Campo, one of the residential areas on campus.

Link to article

Reward for Vandalism Info
Information Wanted About VDC Vandalism
By Manuel N. Gómez

Recently there was an act of vandalism at Vista del Campo. Late in the evening and early morning of Oct. 7 and 8, a community advisor called the UC Irvine Police to the VDC on-campus housing complex.

The police report identified the defacing of areas with spray painted vulgarities, “VDC” and a swastika symbol.

We are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the identification and prosecution of those responsible.

We are addressing this vandalism as a top priority and are pursuing a police investigation. Please contact the UCI Police Department if you have any pertinent information.

The initial review of the police report leads one to believe that on the face of it, a person(s) is/are unhappy with Vista del Campo. The juxtaposition of the vulgar language and swastika symbol leads us to this impression.

Nevertheless, the use of this symbol is disturbing, especially so when it appears where we live.

We are well aware that even though this seems to be directed at the Vista del Campo, it still affects our students and campus community.

I am truly disappointed, as this does not represent our community. This vandalism is wholly unacceptable and appropriate actions will be taken.

If you are in touch with or know of any students who are affected by this incident, please refer them to the Dean of Students so that we may direct them to the appropriate resources on campus.

Manuel N. Gómez
Vice Chancellor Student Affairs

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