Saturday, May 13, 2006

73% of the MSU posters for the Zionism Awareness Week violate size limit rules

UCI code - Section 42.20, part E, clause 5:
"Only one poster, flyer, or banner per event is allowed in each posting area. Unless otherwise approved, banner size may not exceed 5 feet by 3 feet."

Since they're posting "Holocaust in the Holy Land" in the same posting area as posters for specific events, I would think that would be a violation of the letter of the law.

To check on length limits, I powerwalked around campus, stopping at all of the MSU posters with a tape measure and here's what I found:

Three or four posters were coming off the wall or were completely on the pavement, probably due to bad tape jobs.

Of the posters which were still attached to the wall by at least two corners, only five were at 5 feet long or under.

Every poster was three feet wide.

Number of posters that were longer than 5 feet 1 inch:
- Bridge between Engineering and Social Sciences: 2 of 4 (Zionism Hijacking Judaism and Holocaust in the Holy Land)

- Stairway area leading from Ring Road up to Langson Library: 2 of 2

- Cross Cultural Center entry walkway: 1 of 2 (HAMAS: the people's choice)

- Bridge between the Student Center and Humanities: 4 of 4

- Stairway leading from Ring Road down to Humanities Hall/Krieger Hall: 3 of 3

- Stairway leading from Ring Road up to the plaza between Steinhaus Hall and Howard Schneiderman Lecture Hall: 2 of 3 (Islamic Palestine and the non-gothic lettered Israel the 4th Reich); also, there are TWO "Israel the 4th Reich" posters here, which violates the dual posting rule.

(note, there was one other solitary poster on the other side of Langston Library which was under 5 feet)

Total # of posters that violate the size rule: 14 out of 19, or 73%

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