Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another illegally posted MSU advertisement

MSU Dawah BBQ poster in Aldrich Park

May 23, 2006 approximately 3:25 pm PST:

I snapped this cell-phone picture of the MSU's advertisement for their Dawah (missionary work for Islam) BBQ, as advertised on their website and in two side-by-side advertisements in this week's New University:

They attached this poster to an electrical / telecommunications box in the middle of Aldrich Park (a large park in the center of UC Irvine campus), a clear violation of the UCI Campus Code on posting - link provided for the full description - I'm only going to include the juicy parts:

( http://www.students.uci.edu/judicial/uci_policy.php#42.00 )

42.20 Policy on Posting and Distribution of Literature

B. Approved Locations for Posters, Flyers and Announcements

1. Kiosks.

2. University general purpose bulletin boards.

3. Interior and exterior concrete surface of Bridge Road overpass.

4. Interior concrete surface of Humanities and Engineering/Social Science bridges.

5. Interior of the concrete railing in each of the lower plazas (i.e., that surface not exposed to Aldrich Park.)

6. Sites selected and controlled by the School of the Arts.

7. Sites selected and controlled by housing guidelines.

D. Prohibited Posting Surfaces and Distribution Areas

1. The ground, paths, and walkways.

2. Glass, wood, painted or finished surfaces which includes exterior walls of all buildings and structures.

3. Trash cans, benches, trees, shrubbery, and landscaping.

4. Inside classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and walls inside buildings.

5. Stairwells and stair railings.

6. Fixed poles, traffic control devices, guideposts, signposts, campus directional signs, or historical markers.

7. Automobile windshields.

8. The entrances to the Administration Building, Library, Gateway Commons, parking structures, or the UCI Student Center.

9. The bridge connecting the campus with the University Center.

10. Surfaces of Campus-approved Artwork.

H. Temporary Directional Signs

Temporary directional signs are only for directional purposes and must be removed within 24 hours after the event for which they were intended.

I. Sanctions

All unauthorized posted materials will be removed. Violators will also be subject to additional sanctions, including fines and/or loss of privileges, as listed in Section 105.00 of the Policies.


Yonatan said...

hey its yonatan from AFI. Last year after MSU's "The despiration of the Zionist Lobby" event I saw a sign that they had posted on the ground of the humanities bridge. In addition the sign was up the day after event, when it should have been removed. I told the administration about that and got them find $50 for breaking the posting rules. UI would recomend that you do the same. All that they required was pictures of the offending sign. If they are breaking the rules they should be held responsible for that

Concerned UCI Student said...

Yonatan: I have to remain anonymous for now, so I can't file the complaint. Would you please do it for me?

Yonatan said...

certantly... just email me the info and I will handle it... yonatan.bryant@gmail.com

Concerned UCI Student said...

Yonatan: I fixed the link to the photo of the illegal poster at the top of this topic - Flickr was having tech problems the past few days. The details are all in the post - let me know if you need anything else. Please post a comment with an update once you submit the complaint (and if you post a link to the complaint document, I'll post that as an image so all can learn how easy it is to write a complaint). Thanks for your help!