Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Three more photo SLIDESHOWS from May 17, 2006

Thanks to a brave person who for now will remain nameless (until he tells me otherwise), I can show these photos and others on the blog:

SLIDESHOW of Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss of Neturei Karta's "Zionism Hijacking Judaism" speech
May 17, 2006 Rabbi Dovid Weiss Speech
Learn the reality of Neturei Karta here:
From MEMRI, Rabbi Dovid Weiss interviewed on Iranian TV

SLIDESHOW of Yossi Olmert Speech on "Israel: A Discussion on Recent Events"
Olmert and Weiss photos
What you're seeing here is the entire group of 15 or 20 Muslims simply getting up and leaving en masse. Why? They didn't want to hear the Olmert's response to the diatribes they chose to shout instead of asking a real question (yada yada yada Apartheid state of Israel yada yada IDF terrorists yada yada etc).

SLIDESHOW of MSU-Neturei Karta Huddle - the person who gave me these photos aptly commented "After leaving the Dr. Olmert talk, I came across Rabbi Dovid Weiss still talking to the Muslims in front of the Wall. I didn’t get close enough to hear him but I doubt that he was teaching this week’s Torah portion."
Olmert and Weiss photos

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Rabbi Yonah said...

Hey Concerned...
Lets NOT call David Weiss a Rabbi. He does not deserve the title, nor does it appear he ever earned it.