Friday, May 19, 2006

Great StandWithUs video of Israel The Fourth Reich event

StandWithUs just posted a video of segments from the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union Israel The Fourth Reich event:


Ice Gavin said...

Check my topic at LGF as Mardukhai.
Perhas we met at the hatefest.

Please email me so we can compare notes.

Yaman said...

I've read over a number of your posts, and though I certainly disagree with your position regarding Israel/Palestine, and perhaps have problems with some of the statements you've made, as a member of Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Berkeley, I have to say I agree that a number of tactics used by the UCI MSU during Zionist Awareness week (especially the Holocaust and Nazism imagery) is deplorable.

It acts more to sensationalize than to provide a healthy atmosphere for debate.

Concerned UCI Student said...

Dear Yaman,

Thank you for posting your comment. I am glad that you have more common sense and decency than the idiots on campus.

May you have effective influence over the idiots on your side - and may I have effective influence over the idiots on mine (we have a few too) - to bring them both back to a point where we can discuss the issues clearly and perhaps make a difference on this Earth.