Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jacob Bezier NewU Op-Ed: It's War, Not Genocide; also, three letters to the editor not on the NewU website

‘Genocide’ Does Not Describe Middle East
by: Jacob Beizer
May 30, 2006
New University

If the Mexican government were sending suicide bombers across the border to blow up buses and nightclubs, I would hope that the American government would build a wall to keep them out. In my opinion, that is not a racist policy. It is simple protection. It is not different from the bars that people put on their windows when they live in a crime-ridden neighborhood.

Israel is doing the same thing, and the Muslim world is accusing them of creating an apartheid state. This is not the case. The wall serves the purpose of protecting the Israeli people from terrorist attacks that the Palestinian government has no genuine intention of halting. The segregation in South Africa was established because of the ethnic prejudice inherent in the British imperial government. It would have been in place whether or not the black people in South Africa were dangerous.

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There were also three letters to the editor not published on the NewU website. This is simply a small version of the image - you can see the full-size scan by clicking on the image (thank you to Ami for the scan):

20060530 NewU Letters to the Editor

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Reut Cohen said...

I absolutely LOVED Mara Sahebjame's letter. I responded to her directly to alleviate some of her concerns and directly tell her I wasn't at fault for the mistakes with the article. No response.

I wonder that she didn't contact me, much like everyone else prior to publishing her letter. I had 10 MSU people e-mail me to make me "aware" of my mistake...I suppose Mara didn't have a chance to speak to them after they received my response(s).