Thursday, May 18, 2006

Comments on MSU Islamic Palestine event

The MSU held an event called "Islamic Palestine" tonight (May 18, 2006) from 8:30 to 10:15 pm in Humanities Hall 178. I was there for the whole thing.

The place was packed - every seat was taken and at least 10 people were standing in the back.

Amir Abdel Malik Ali (the MSU's favorite anti-Semitic firebrand) spoke for quite a while, then Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta (an "anti-Zionist" Orthodox Jewish sect) spoke for a bit. (See this post for more info on Neturei Karta and the other idiots the MSU likes to invite to speak on campus:

Malik Ali did his usual shtick, albeit a bit calmer than usual. However, I had never heard Weiss speak - he's a funny guy!

Weiss hung himself and the MSU with some of his comments (such as "Zionist Filth"). He just doesn't know when to shut up. I actually felt sorry for Amir Abdel Malik Ali, sitting there politely next to Weiss with Weiss going on and on and on.

Malik Ali asked something to Weiss - I forget what it was about, other than if something was in the Torah or the Talmud, and instead of giving the short answer that Malik Ali wanted, Weiss went off on three tangents before finally answering Malik Ali's question.

The Q&A was especially funny: the first question went to Malik Ali, the rest went to Weiss, who continued to run at the mouth.

At the end, a female student in full hijab came up to the stage and announced that a collection was being started for a Palestinian orphan and that they wanted to see if they could get together $500. Then she said why they were doing this: because the Israelis prevent the orphans from getting an education, food, etc.

So the audience got fed yet another lie (blame the Jews - they're culpable in every problem, right?).

According to Yossi Olmert, the UN report states that the PA has been the largest per-capita recipient of foreign aid since 1994. Where'd it all go? It wasn't all spent on buying weapons. It wasn't spent on building houses. Maybe instead of blaming the Jews for their own problems, the MSU needs to investigate the Swiss bank accounts where the terrorists Arafat and Company stashed those billions of dollars.

Here, I found another source for feeding orphans in the PA - don't buy weapons; use the money to buy food.

I also have to wonder WHICH organization that money is being given too - a front organization for HAMAS, perhaps?


Shine the Light said...

Good work. I am glad someone filmed this. I am for free speech and am glad the Muslim Student Union invited someone like this to expose what they believe.

ric ottaiano said...

I'm many years out of college but admire what you're doing. I've been following UC Irvine's penchant for all causes Palestinian and find it quite troubling, especially since there seems to be little balance. I've commented periodically at my blog on the goings-on at UCI.

On 7/4/06 a new internet talk radio station goes on line (WideAwakes Radio) and I'll be hosting a show from 7-9 am Mon thru Friday. If you're interested, I'd love to have you on as a guest for an interview.

Free Israel said...

What is "Muslim" about Re-Victimizing the 6,000,000 of the Unique Holocaust?
By calling a conflict a "holocaust", they commit a double crime:
Lie on the current situation.
Re-victimizing again the 6,000,000 innocent Jewish men, women & children that were murdered for no "conflict" but a "pure" evil nonsense, for simply belonnging to a certain origin!!!
How desperate the MUSLIM organizations can be to propogate it's hatred towards Israel and delegitimizing it's struggle for survival, as to dramatize, lie and stepping on all values!

If there is any menace of genocide it is only coming from the Arab Muslim part, all Arab Muslims' historic wars upon Israel, current genocide bombings and open declaration of their leaders to annihilate the little Island of freedom in the jungle of tyranny.

Free Israel said...

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2. Arabists' Drama Language, Lying Viciously, Comparing Maliciously
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Concerned UCI Student said...


Forgive me, but I'll take a pass for now.

Good luck with your radio show!

Concerned UCI Student said...

Shine the light,

Thank you for the vote of support.