Tuesday, May 23, 2006

UCI New University articles from this week - some are MISSING from the website

Articles from the UC Irvine New University May 22, 2006 issue:

News: MSU Provokes With ‘Holocaust’ Week
By Ben Ritter
"Less than three months after UC Irvine’s Muslim Student Union found themselves in the national spotlight as a result of a decision by the College Republicans to show controversial Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, the group is again at the center of a debate about free speech and religious expression. Only this time, they are the ones being accused of intolerance."
Read on at: http://www.newuniversity.org/article.php?id=4761

Commentary: Yossi Olmert’s Statements Invite Terrorism
By Aida Ashouri
"Yossi Olmert made his extremist views against the Palestinian people and the nation of Iran clear on May 17 during a talk entitled 'Israel: A Discussion of Recent Events'. Even though he is only the younger brother of the president of Israel, his influence in the political sphere is recognized. His statements revealed Israel as a rogue nation, unconcerned with international law and principles, and only concerned with its own economic interests."
Read on at: http://www.newuniversity.org/article.php?id=4778

However, the website is missing MULTIPLE items from the dead-tree version of this week's issue:
1) Campus Police Log
Location: Engineering Parking Structure
Description: Report of an unknown subject having drawn a swastika on caller's vehicle window
Date & Time: 04-30-06 at 22:56

2) News: [sic] Ariel Sharon's Brother Speaks About Israeli Politics
By Reut Cohen
It begins: "Yossi Olmert, a top Middle East scholar and brother of current Israeli Prime Minister [sic] Ariel Sharon, discussed the implications of Israel's new government, the [sic] Hamas leadership in Palestinian territories, the Iranian threat and the Middle East on May 17."
A note: From what I've gathered, Reut Cohen had submitted an article stating that the current Israeli Prime Minister was Ehud Olmert and somebody on the NewU staff CHANGED it to the erroneous statement in the article.

3) Letter to the Editor: The First Amendment at Work
By Manuel N. Gomez, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
It begins: "Last week the Muslim Student Union sponsored a week of events called 'Holocaust in the Holy Land.' Our campus received requests to cancel or condemn the program."

4) Letter to the Editor: MSU's Reasoning Offensive
By Paul R. Freedman, Falls Church, Va.
It begins: "Yeah, opinions-well, we all have them. This sermon needs no systematic rebuttal as it is incapable of rebuttal, being a string of by-now hoary anti-Zionist fictional cliches. That's fine, New U., Old U., it's the same old, same old."

5) Letter to the Editor: MSU's Reasoning Offensive
By Reut Cohen, second-year English major
It begins: "According to the May 15 edition of the New University, Huda Shaka' argues that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism and Zionism promotes genocide. It's important to address some of the hurt that many Jewish and Pro-Israel students feel when they hear these statements."
A note: if you want to read Huda Shaka's commentary, here's the link: http://www.newu.uci.edu/article.php?id=4753

I've emailed the NewU a request to publish these items - we'll see if they follow through...


jeffklives said...

Aida Ashouri is not doing the International Studies program any favors. Is this what she has learned during the 5 years she has been in the program?

lol @ "As Israel continues to shell Gaza, even though its actions are condemned internationally"

Israel exited Gaza. Still some groups in Gaza are sending rockets into Israel. Way grossly misrepresent through omission some pertinent facts.

LOL @ "the United States has an inherent obligation to assist Iran in its establishment of nuclear energy sources."
- Does she seriously think Iran's goal is nuclear energy?

Someone on the www.anteaterforum.com board asked people who attended the Yossi Olmert event to give their opinion of what they thought of it. I didn't go. I'd be curious to hear a more in depth take from you.

Concerned UCI Student said...

Hi jeffklives. I would love to elaborate on the Yossi Olmert event, but I'm afraid you might have to wait a while - I'm swamped with assignments and finals are 2-1/2 weeks away. If you don't see anything by July 10th, post another comment and I'll reply back. Sorry dude...

Reut Cohen said...
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Reut Cohen said...

Thanks for posting the correct version of the Olmert article... there were still a few changes the editors had made that remained on the online "corrected" version ("Muslim Student Union and supporters" were changed to "Muslims" and some took issue with this).

Whatever, I'm over it.

-Reut Cohen

Concerned UCI Student said...

Hi Reut. Thanks for posting your comments. Glad to be of service. If you're still around in the fall (and can put up with the incoming NewU editorial board), I look forward to reading your NewU articles and op-eds.