Sunday, November 26, 2006

An interesting choice for the MSU book club

Announced actually back in October, I thought it would be appropriate to post this now in case people are curious. From the MSU's Week 10 E-Calendar:

Book Club Meeting I –
7:15-8:15pm in Gateway 1
Discussion Leaders: Sr. Dania Arafeh and Br. Sulaiman Arain
*Join us for an enlightening discussion on "Revolution by the Book" by Imam Jamil [aka H. Rap Brown]. (First 5 chapters)
**For more information please contact Sr. Dania – and Br. Sulaiman –

Daniel Pipes puts it rather interestingly about Imam Jamil:
The Islam that Al-Amin adopted is - no surprise - the radical variety. The transition was easy from the hate-America sentiments he had espoused as a black nationalist in the 1960s. "When we begin to look critically at the Constitution of the United States," he wrote in a 1994 book Revolution by the Book (The Rap is Live), "we see that in its main essence it is diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded."

Click here for a search of Daniel Pipes's web site regarding Imam Jamil

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