Monday, November 20, 2006

Sheikh Sadullah Khan Tuesday @ 5 pm

Themes of the Quran
5-6:15pm in HICF 100Q
Topic: The Quran as our Guide
Speaker: Sheikh Sadullah Khan

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It should be noted that Sadullah Khan's organization, the Islamic Center of Irvine, just hosted Dr. William Baker - an anti-Semite - as a guest speaker this past Sunday, November 19th, from Noon to 1 pm.

Per the ADL (showing the one ounce of usefulness they provide):

William Baker is a popular speaker among American Muslim student groups. Baker, head of Christians and Muslims for Peace, has a long anti-Semitic and anti-Israel background. In the 1980s, he was a prominent associate of anti-Semitic publisher and Holocaust denier Willis Carto, chairing Carto's extreme-right Populist Party. He also wrote Theft of a Nation, an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish book.

Here's a more in-depth expose on Dr. Baker: MIM Exclusive:Neo Nazi William Baker Tells Crowd at Boca Marriott that 9-11 Hijackers Weren't Muslims

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