Thursday, November 23, 2006

Regarding Sheik Sadullah Khan

A friend of mine emailed this to me regarding the event I blogged about here and here and here. Bracketed ("[...]") segments are by me. Note the section I emboldened and italicized.

On Wednesday, November 1, UCI hosted a Religious Diversity Discussion moderatred by Dean of Students Sally Peterson. Vice Chancellor Gomez attended. The program was co-sponsored by Hillel and the MSU (withdrew from the event at the last minute). Participants included Rabbi Steinberg from [Congregation Shir HaMa'alot], Sheik Sadullah Kahn (arrived in Irvine from South Africa in '98) Director of Religious Affiars of the Islamic Center of Irvine and a local pastor [and frequent lecturer to the MSU].

After some friendly discussion about religion by the participants, the audience was invited to ask questions. The first question came from a student who asked if Israel has a right to exist. Rabbi Steinberg said he was a Zionist and then proceeded to explain the importance of Israel to the Jewish people.

Sheik Kahn said that all people have the right to Palestine, he is against Zionism, Israel is a racist state and that Palestinians are fighting for their freedom. He also said that Jews are not "the Chosen People", we are all children of God. When he finished, a loud Allah Akhbar was shouted from the back of the room three times by Muslim students.

When Sheik Kahn finished, Rabbi Steinberg responded by saying that words are very powerful and looking at both Sally Peterson and Manual Gomez he said that we must be sensitive about the way we speak. He said that 1/3 of the Jews (6 Million) were wiped out during WWII. He said that the University must do a better job of dealing with words. There was no response from the UCI administrators.

This was a "very educational" evening. One I will long remember.

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I should say this: Rabbi Steinberg, I'm sorry I doubted you. Well played!

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