Friday, November 10, 2006

UCI's Student Club Re-Registration Forms Have Been Changed!

I just wandered over to the UCI Dean of Students's Forms and Publications website and took a look at the pdf link for this:

Re-registration Forms (existing groups) [pdf] / Forms required to annually re-register a group on campus.

UCI required in the past student club officers - on the top of page 4 of the annual re-registration of their clubs - to read the UCI Principles of Community and then sign the following statement:

On behalf of my organization, I have read the Principles of Community and we agree to support the principles stated therein.

Both the President / Chair and Vice President / Co-Chair of each club would have to sign that statement. This was present in the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 re-registration forms.

I have hammered UCI for requiring the club officers' signatures on this statement and then not punishing groups like the MSU and SAS when they don't keep to their signed agreement.

Well, I just looked at the 2006-2007 re-registration form. The line between the Principles of Community and the signature lines has changed - it's now:

On behalf of my organization, I have received and read the Principles of Community.

Why is it no longer important that UCI student clubs state that they agree to support the Principles of Community?

Do me and every other Jewish student, staff, and faculty member on campus a favor by asking that very question to:

Chancellor Michael Drake


Vice Chancellor Manuel Gomez.

Click the links above to pull up their contact info.

Written, signed messages sent by mail and/or fax create a written record - so those are preferable - but if you want to call them, be my guest - as long as you keep it civil. Remember, we have to uphold those Principles of Community...

Please post in the comments what happened if you do this so we can let everyone know.

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