Tuesday, November 28, 2006

NewU: Huda Shaka: “Lonely Soldier” Glorifies Israelis

Here's Huda Shaka's letter to the editor on the AFI "Lonely Soldier" event which I blogged about previously

“Lonely Soldier” Glorifies Israelis

Shame on the Young Democrats for co-sponsoring the “Lonely Soldier” event with Anteaters for Israel. The fact that they chose to co-sponsor an event with a group like AFI, whose whole existence revolves around supporting and legitimizing the oppressive Israeli occupation of Palestine, is enough to discredit them. Moreover, this particular event glorified the Israeli Occupational Forces at a time when this military power is using unprecedented extreme force against a civilian population and committing atrocities on a daily basis.

It is very telling that both the Young Democrats and the College Republicans co-sponsored an event supporting the Israeli military when its brutal actions are being condemned worldwide. There is hardly any difference between the two parties when it comes to respecting human rights and truly standing up for peace, justice and freedom for all.

Huda Shaka’
Graduate student
Department of Chemistry

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