Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wednesday: The Middle East in 2007: Same Old Story Or A New Beginning?

Just got this in the mail. To quote a friend, "Of one thing I am certain -- this is going to turn into an anti-Israel fest."

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Subject: The Middle East in 2007
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 20:50:12 -0800 (PST)
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DATE: Wednesday, November 29, 12-2 pm

A panel featuring UCI Professors discussing the
events of the last year in the Middle East and
larger Muslim world, and likely developments in
the coming year. Panelists include:

Nasrin Rahimieh, Director of the Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies, UCI

Lina Kreidie, Dept. of Political Science, UCI

Mark LeVine, Prof. of Modern Middle Eastern History, UCI

Moderator: Jon Elliott, Air America Radio host.

(Invited but not confirmed: an active duty army
sergeant who served over one year in Iraq will
discuss his experiences in the country)

This is an opportunity for students and community
members to come and discuss developments in the
last year in the Middle East and North Africa
with three UCI professors who have extensive
experience in the region. Nasrin Rahimieh will
discuss the current situation in Iran, both
internally and vis-à-vis its foreign policy
towards other Middle Eastern countries and its
nuclear stand-off with the US and Europe. Lina
Kreidie will discuss the war in Lebanon this past
summer, which she witnessed first hand. LeVine
will discuss the situation in Israel, Palestine,
and Iraq. After brief opening comments the
remainder of the time will be devoted to audience
questions. The moderator, Jon Elliott, is a
leading talk host for Air America Radio.

Co-sponsors include: Middle East Studies Student
Initiative, Dept. of History, and Samuel Jordan
Center for Persian Studies.

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