Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Mirror, Mirror"

Hat Tip: LGF and IsraellyCool

The website DailyKos describes itself as a Democratic blog; some say it is one of the most influential Democratic blogs in the blogsphere to date.

Which is why the user "Guringo" took notice when all kinds of comments praising the Iranian Cartoon Contest's First Prize Winner (featured in the video blelow) appeared on that blog - especially when that discussion ended up on the DailyKos recommended list.

Warning: the material in the video below and on the links above include vulgarities and anti-Semitic material (imagine what was written about Joe Lieberman in other posts on the same site)

Link to video

In case you're wondering what my political affiliation is...

I used to vote only Democrat/Liberal and for a year-and-a-half penned the liberal side of a head-to-head political column in my college newspaper (though sometimes I found myself arguing the conservative point-of-view better than the guy who was writing the conservative side).

Then HAMAS committed the Passover Massacre (photos of victims).

Since then, I've been independent. I'm glad the Democrats are fighting to preserve a woman's right to choose and to keep religion a private matter, yet some of the Democrats' values trouble me regarding what to do with the current Iraq and Israel situations. Meanwhile, the Republicans I've seen are too far to the right for me to stomach voting for them.

As to our governor's race, I'm not sure what to believe sometimes.

Whatever the case, if you are a US citizen, make sure you vote today. You don't get to comment if you don't vote. 'nuff said.

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