Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue: Reflections on the Messiah, Messianism and Apocalyptic Visions

Just got this in the mail...

Dear Nancy and all,

Thank you for passing this around. I also wanted
to let you know that the panel/class is open to
other UCI students and the campus community.
Please encourage your students to attend. Feel
free to forward the following announcement to
classes and student organizations (MSU, Hillel,

Many thanks,

[Professor] Daniel [Schroeter]

Reflections on the Messiah, Messianism and Apocalyptic Visions


Rabbi Stuart Altshuler
Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi
Fr. Rafael Lu�vano

Tuesday, November 28
9:30 AM -10:50 AM
Humanities Hall 161

University of California, Irvine

>> >>Dear Muzammil, Rafael, and Stuart,
>> >>
>> >>I am greatly looking forward to our panel at
>> >>UCI on Tuesday, November 28 (9:30-10:50):
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>As I proposed, I'd like you to address the
>> >>question of the messiah, and messianism, both
>> >>in terms of traditional concepts and beliefs in
>> >>each of the three religions, and how
>> >>contemporary messianic movements, apocalyptic
>> >>visions, or fundamentalism affect each faith.
>> >>Keeping in mind that the theme of the course in
>> >>World Religions is the relationship between
>> >>Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, you may also
>> >>want to comment on how these contemporary
>> >>movements in the other religions might relate
>> >>to you own faith tradition.

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